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Cat Mouse Fur Mice Toy & FREE CATNIP – Rattle Plush (Pack of 4) Feather Tails

Cat Mouse Fur Mice Toy & FREE CATNIP – Rattle Plush (Pack of 4) Feather Tails

We have tested these mice on our own family of rescue cats and they are a firm favourite. Our colourful furry mice are a great toy for your felines friends to play with.

Made only from man made fur these feathered mice will have your cat playing in no time. It makes us very sad as some pet toys on the market contain rabbit fur so please be careful what toys you buy. Since these are all faux fur no bunny’s were harmed in the production of them and they are 100% cruelty free. Each mouse contains a rattle to entice interactive play.

We even throw in a FREE bag of dried catnip from our very own plants to get your furry friends off to a flying start. Its great for bored moggy s and is also good for exercise. Each mouse is approximately 7cm (including the tail) so they are the puurrect size for your furry friend to throw in the air.

These mice will be posted out in various colours.

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Have you heard of Silvervine ?? When we got wind of this fascinating plant we decided to hunt some down and to plant them on our farm.

So what is it?? Its posh name is Actinidia Polygama. It is native to the mountainous regions of eastern Asia. It’s a climbing plant (and boy does it spread). Silvervine powder is more potent due to the presence of two cat attractants as opposed to catnip’s one. It’s all in the powder.

The plant contains actinidine, which is a natural powerful cat attractant. Silver vine is around 3 times more potent than catnip and may cause a different response in your cat. But don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe!

Lets test it out!! We decided to take it to the streets to test our Super Silver out. We tested it on many of our furry friends who were more than happy to try it out & wow did we get a shock.

When exposed to the powdered silver vine, we discovered approximately 98% of Moggy’s enter a euphoric state. What’s more amazing is cats who hadn’t previously reacted to Catnip were huge fans of the stuff. There was lots of different behaviours like rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, drooling and licking. Reactions vary from cat to cat, simply put – they go crazy for the stuff and we found effects generally last from 5-20 minutes. Plus you only need a very small amount for your cats to react.

If you are unsure if your furry friend will react to our Super Silvervine you can order a sample sized bag to test it out first.

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