So what makes the cats go crazy? Mew and Friends Catnip plants contain a natural chemical called Nepetalactone. It is found in the leaves and stems and can give your cat a feeling of euphoria.

Is Mew & friends Catnip safe? Absolutely. We adore our team of furry friends and would not risk causing them any harm. It actually has many benefits. It is not poisonous to your cat and is not addictive.

How to use? Rub a leaf on your cat’s favourite toy or stuff a couple of leaves into the end of an old sock with hilarious results. Also try chopping a few leaves in their food once a week to help with their digestive system.

How will my cat react? Cats tend to roll over or rub themselves up against anything that is scented with the catnip. Some run, leap and go into their natural hunting mode with some reports of hunting invisible prey. The effects vary widely and will last approximately 5-15 minutes.

Can I give my cat too much? It is not harmful for your cat however if they are exposed to the plant too frequently their reaction to the plant may not be as strong.

Will it work on my cat? The majority of cats seem to be affected by catnip however young kittens under 6 months and older cats tend not to react to Catnip. Some cats unfortunately do not react at all.

Can I plant it outdoors? Yes. Mew & Friends catnip is classed as a herbaceous perennial meaning they return every year. They will develop small flowers which are great for attracting butterflies and bees to your garden.. It is best to keep your Catnip protected from any cats.

Can I keep my Plant Indoors? If using your plant as a houseplant, ensure it’s in a sunny spot and away from any cats.



Keep your plant protected as a cat may destroy your plant

   Make sure your plant is watered, but not soaked

  Ensure your plant is placed in a sunny spot

  Re-pot into a larger container to encourage further growth

If planted outside cut back after flowering to encourage healthy growth the following spring



  Great for your Cat’s Digestion

  Relieves Cats of Stress & Nervousness

  When eaten can act as a mild and temporary sedative for your cat

  Helps cats with depression

  Can aid cats to feel more relaxed in an unfamiliar setting

  Encourages the use of scratching posts

  Attractive to bees & butterflies during flowering

  Catnip is a great tea herb and can be enjoyed to promote relaxation for human consumption

  It is also a traditional cold and flu remedy

Relieves Anxiety & Stress in Humans

It also has fantastic insect repellent properties.


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