Mew & Friends Organic Catnip Spray


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Mew & Friends Premium Organic Catnip Spray (60ml – 2.03fl oz) – “Shake, Spray & Enjoy”


“Mew & Friends Premium Organic Catnip Spray” – Introducing our brand spanking new Organic Catnip Spray.  Made in the UK, you will receive your 60ml catnip spray in an easy-to-use spray bottle to minimise waste.

Refresh old toys, spray scratching posts, cat beds etc., If your cat is a catnip fan, you will be back for more. Our spray is NOT be confused with catnip water spray, which is basically buds boiled in water. The spray you receive is made of pure essential organic catnip oil and pharmacy graded water with no nasties added. We value our customers and their furry friends and want everyone to be happy with their purchase so please let us know if you have any problems.


“Love, love, lovin it” – We’ve tried it, our friends have tried it and we’ve sent out samples to be 100% sure. They absolutely love it. Cats are fascinating but can be very fickle (and a little bit odd at times). You may find your cats reaction may be different to that of dried or fresh catnip. We recommend you only give your moggy catnip spray as a treat. It is also not suitable for kittens under 10 months old.


“Lets Cook !!” – Our human staff have been acting strange using funny shiny equipment. They did of lots of research and even brought in a real-life chemist. This was to make sure our spray was as pure as possible and most importantly safe for your furry friends.

You’ll be surprised what rubbish goes into other catnip sprays disguised as the word surfactant. Some of them can be pretty nasty so please be careful on the products you use.

We wouldn’t touch these with a barge pole, so our human staff have kindly made it with nothing else but pure organic catnip essential oil derived from the buds of the plant and pharmacy grade water. All you have to do is give the bottle a good shake.


“No hoover needed” Since it’s in a spray bottle there is no mess so you can put your hoover away. There is no need for any Freddie Mecury impressions with this product. You simply spray it on where you wish to attract your furry friend and leave the rest to the spray. You can spray areas as often as needed,


“For goodness sake, do the nippy, nippy shake” –  If you shake it to the left, shake it to the right, do the Nippy shake, with all of your might; your good to go. Since we don’t use any nasty ingredients, to activate the ingredients, a good shake will ensure the best strength. It’s important to give it a good shake. Did we mention? Its 100% organic and contains only natural products.


“Because we care” – Our pure purry goodness is bottled up in a convenient spray bottle and made here on our own farm in the UK.  The pharmacy grade water is from the UK and the bottles are also made here on this very lovely island we call home.

Better still, we were quite fussy on what materials we used for the spray bottle,  so we made sure it is completely recyclable. Just throw it straight into your recycling bin when empty (and don’t forget to order another one).


“Oh yes, yes, yes” – If your cat is one of the lucky ones to love Catnip then it’s a big fat yes. Kittens under 10 months and elderly cats may not react, although we have a rescue kittie who is 17 years young and she loves the stuff. Some cats unfortunately do not react to catnip spray at all unless other chemicals have been added.