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Mew & Friends Organic Catnip Plants

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1 x Organic Fresh Catnip Plant. SPECIAL OFFER – FREE MOUSE TOY – With every plant purchased – FREE POSTAGE on all orders over £5

Grown on our farm in Lancashire, UK. All of our catnip products are organic meaning we don’t use any nasty pesticides that could be passed on during harvest that may harm your furry friends.

Over the years our catnip has been tried and tested from all of our furry members here at Mew & Friends. We harvest our seeds from our own crop ensuring that the variety you receive is the most potent. Since there are over 250 species of Catmint we have done all the hard work for you.

The plant you will receive will be in a 1 Litre pot and will be well established with a good root system.

Puurfect as a gift for your cats or for any cat lover.

Mew & Friends Organic Fresh Catnip Plants have an active ingredient called Nepetalactone. This is the ingredient that will give your cat a temporary feeling of euphoria.

There are many benefits of fresh catnip. A versatile indoor or outdoor plant Mew & Friends Fresh Catnip will provide endless fun and amusement not only for your cat but for any cat lover. Making it a perfect gift for cats or cat fans.

Rub a leaf on your cat’s favourite toy or stuff a couple of leaves into the end of an old sock with hilarious results. You can also try chopping a few leaves in their food once a week to help with their digestive system.

The flowers on the plant will bloom from late spring to autumn resulting in a beautiful display that is perfect for attracting butterflies and bees to your garden, therefore making your garden a haven for nature. Just make sure you keep the plant protected from any cats.

Did we mention? We also donate 10% of our proceeds to animal shelters, so by purchasing Mew & Friends products you are helping to give cats happier lives, because every cat deserves a life of love.

Unfortunately due to postal restrictions this product is only currently available in the UK.

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3 reviews for Mew & Friends Organic Catnip Plants

  1. Joanna Mitchell

    5 stars for this. Once again cats love it so much they’ve squashed it already!!!!!

  2. Janey Fraser

    My cats have gone to heaven and back. Fantastic customer service, fast delivery, cannot recommend enough. Thanks x

  3. Tara

    This is the best Catnip ever. I bought my first plant a couple of years ago and it keeps coming back. My cats absolutely love it. I bought several more last year and my cats have a way of going to visit them every day sniff them, sometimes lie on them and then move away in contented bliss. I am going to order some more this year!
    They arrive incredibly well packaged and the healthy plants literally need to be watered and then eventually, as they grow, the repotted into a larger pot. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

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