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100% Natural Cat nip for Cats – Organic Catnip | Cat Toys & Cat Treat |Eco Friendly Cat Nip Gift | UK grown

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100% Natural Cat nip for Cats – UK Grown Cat Toy & Cat Treat – UK Grown Cat Toy & Cat Treat – 30g- 100% Organic – Strong Leaf & Bud Blend – Puurfect Cat Treat

Since there are over 250 species of Cat nip we have done all the hard work for you. Over the years our catnip has been tried and tested from all of our furry members here at Mew & Friends. We now harvest our own seeds so you can enjoy the same potent variety every time.

Use to refill your Cat toys or sprinkle around the home for scratch training.

Use as a Cat Treat, Sit back and watch with hilarious results.

UK grown freshly dried cat nip – Based on our Lancashire farm our catnip is freshly grown all year round, meaning it is not sourced and shipped from abroad.

Since you are purchasing a British product you are helping reduce the carbon footprint and also helping UK wildlife (the bees and butterflies love it).

Freshly dried from our own crop – Personally tried & tested by our own cats on the farm we can guarantee that the variety we grow and harvest seems to have the best effect on cats who are Catnip lovers. Our own cats and the neighbour’s cats absolutely love it.

Super Strong “Bud & Leaf” blend– It’s important to note that on harvesting our own crop we try to filter and minimise the amount of stalks in each bag. Other brands may add a large amount of stalks to their blend to try and bulk the weight out. Since we don’t use big machines to pick our crop we can handpick the best bits.

Organic, Handpicked and naturally dried – All of our catnip products are organic, handpicked and naturally dried.

We don’t use any nasty pesticides that could be passed on during harvest that may harm our furry friends.

Will it work on my cat? – If your cat is one of the lucky ones to love Catnip then it’s a big fat yes. The majority of Cats seem to be affected, however young kittens under 6 months and older cats may not react. One of our cats is 14 years young and she absolutely loves it.

All cats react differently to Catnip. Depending on your cats personality some may become quite possessive over it (similar to a dog with a ball). This is simply your cat going into their natural hunting mode.

Please don’t be alarmed as it is perfectly safe for your cat. If this happens just allow your cat to play with their toy alone. Thoroughly researched and is recommended by most vets. Some cats unfortunately do not react to catnip at all unless other chemicals have been added. 

Did we mention? We also donate 10% of our proceeds to animal shelters, so by purchasing Mew & Friends products you are helping to give cats happier lives, because every cat deserves a life of love.

Each bag is supplied in a High Quality Resealable Paper bag. We also sell mouse toys to accompany your Dried Catnip

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5 reviews for 100% Natural Cat nip for Cats – Organic Catnip | Cat Toys & Cat Treat |Eco Friendly Cat Nip Gift | UK grown

  1. Julian Roberts

    this made my cat fall in love. great stuff.

  2. Duncan Speakman

    I got a free sample with a tin of silvervine and could see straight away before the bag was opened, this was different to the usual dry stalky rubbish I’ve been finding of late. When I put it down it was pounced on and consumed with a gusto I haven’t seen in a while. It’s fresh and clean looking and grown in the UK.

  3. John Warburton

    This is the freshest dried catnip I’ve ever bought. Love the fact it’s grown in the UK and is organic, one happy customer, thanks

  4. Jenny Rider

    My cats Tilly and Molly absolutely love this stuff. I’ve tried many dried catnip brands but I’ll be sticking with this one from now on. They could smell it through the envelope and helped me open it. Great company with good values 😻

  5. Sue Hampso

    Fred is usually not into this sort of thing but!! He loved this stuff and rolled around on the floor for a long time on it! Since the first usage he goes back to the same sport every day now too! odd, but then again he is! A little toy mouse came free in the envelope and I have to say he BLOODY loves it!! He throws it around throughout the day and night, I was not expecting the little mouse to be such a hit, so I am now buying a pack of them for him 🙂 thanks so much for the goods, Fred is such a fussy thing but your Mew & Friends products have been a hit!

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