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Looking for Catnip Plants, Dried Catnip or perhaps a gift for a cat lover? We are suppliers of Mew & Friends Premium Organic Catnip Plants & Dried Catnip.

We’ve developed green paws and are working hard to provide cats around the UK with our very own brand of Mew & Friends Catnip Products. All of our catnip products are organic meaning we don’t use any nasty pesticides on our plants that could harm our fellow friends.

Based on our Lancashire farm our catnip is freshly grown all year round, meaning it is not sourced and shipped from abroad. Since you are purchasing a British product you are helping reduce the carbon footprint and also helping UK wildlife (the bees and butterflies love it).

So what makes the cats go crazy?

Mew and Friends Catnip plants contain a natural chemical called nepetalactone. It is found in the leaves, buds and stems and will give your cat a feeling of euphoria. The buds and leaves are the strongest parts (this is the part of the plant we use for our dried catnip)

Does all Catmint work the same?

Absolutely not. There are many, many different varieties of cat mint and not all have the same effect on our furry friends. We now harvest our own seeds to ensure we provide other cats with the same potent variety that we enjoy. Over the years we have personally tried & tested different varieties on our own cats on the farm and their friends so we’ve done all the hard work for you. We can guarantee that the variety of Catnip we grow and harvest seems to have the best effect on cats who are Catnip lovers.

Is Mew & friends Catnip safe? Absolutely. We adore our team of furry friends and would not risk causing them any harm. It actually has many benefits. It is not poisonous to your cat and is not addictive.

How to use? Rub a leaf or the dried mixture on your cat’s favourite toy or stuff a couple of leaves into the end of an old sock with hilarious results. Basically anywhere you rub the leaf or scatter the dried catnip your cat will be able to smell and will react in an amusing manner. You can also try chopping a few leaves of fresh catnip in their food once a week to help with their digestive system.

How will my cat react? It’s difficult to tell as all cats are different. We have only ever had positive and hilarious stories from our customers. The majority of Cats thoroughly enjoy the effects of Mew & Friends Catnip and tend to roll over or rub themselves up against anything that is scented with the catnip. Some run and leap about and go into their natural hunting mode with some reports of hunting invisible prey. The effects vary widely and will last approximately 5-15 minutes.

Can I give my cat too much? As much as we’d like to sell more products we recommend you only give your cats a Catnip fix as a treat. It is not harmful for your cat however if they are exposed to Catnip too frequently their reaction to the product may not be as strong.

Will it work on my cat? The majority of cats seem to be affected by catnip however we’ve discovered that young kittens under 3 months and older cats tend not to react to Catnip. Some cats unfortunately do not react at all. There is nothing wrong with your cat if they do not react. It usually means they haven’t inherited the sensitivity towards the plant. If this is the case you may wish to try our Super Silvervine Powder which is found to work in cats who do not react to catnip. On a note with older cats: one of our cats is 14 years young and she absolutely loves Mew & Friends catnip. Some cats unfortunately do not react to catnip at all unless other chemicals have been added.

Our catnip products make wonderful gifts for cat fans and provide endless entertainment for cats and cat owners.

We also donate 10% of our proceeds to local animal shelters and donate plants to worthwhile causes. Therefore every time you make a purchase, you are helping to give cats happier lives because every moggy deserves a life of love.