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The two words Catnip and detective don’t usually go hand in hand although this isn’t the case here. Our premium catnip plants have been steadily shipping out to Moggie’s across the country. We are happy to say with our newly launched website catnip has been selling well.

Recently a customer ordered some dried catnip bags from us. A day later we received an email from Lorri. Lorri has two cats who adore catnip and get a real buzz off it. They especially adore the bud and leaf blend which is particularly strong and very pleasing to both of her little moggies.  So much so what had happened was puzzling.



Lorri received the packets of dried catnip in the envelope and left them on the bar out of reach from the troublesome duo and quite high up. Lorri then went out and continued her day unknown to the mischief that was happening at home.

Upon returning home she found the catnip bag and envelope on the floor. It seemed that her lovely darlings had sniffed out the catnip from quite a distance and would stop at nothing to retrieve it. it seemed one of the bags was missing and the other catnip bag had teeth and scratch marks on it and was rather wet.

Searching for the missing catnip bag for any signs of dried catnip in the house was a fruitless exercise, it had simply vanished. Naturally all sorts of things go on in your mind. Had one of the cats eaten the whole bag? Eating the whole bag of catnip would not do your cat any harm but the thought of your cat eating the entire lot bag included was pretty worrying. Lorri emailed us straight away and asked if this had ever happened before? This was a first for us.

The mystery would remain a mystery for now. Lorri kept an eye on her suspected culprit Jake. No clues had come up that night as to what had happened only that the worst thing would be if the cat just eat the entire contents bag included.

With this impossible yet not entirely unbelievable scenario mulling around in Lorri’s mind (also in ours) she kept a close eye on them both, waking up twice in the night to check that all was looking OK.  Her only solace was that there had been no evidence of dried catnip around anywhere in the house.


The next day Lorri went for a walk down the lane and on the grass spotted something. Looking closer she noticed it was the missing bag of dried catnip complete with multiple holes. The bag had been torn apart and contents gone. It seemed the mystery of the missing dried catnip bag was solved. Jake had led her to the missing bag and was looking suspiciously guilty.

We will never know if Jake had eaten the contents of the bag or if all the cats in the neighbourhood were busy having a party that night. All was good in the sense that the bag had been found and had definitely not been eaten by the cats.

All in all it was a happy ending and Jake continues to enjoy his Mew & Friends Catnip. Thank you Lorri for keeping us informed throughout this worrying scenario and sharing your story with us.

So a word of warning to you all. Although your little whiskered friends may have a look that butter wouldn’t melt please do not trust them to behave rationally were catnip is involved. Keep in a drawer or cupboard. Although perfectly safe the bud and leaf blend is strong stuff. If your cat is a catnip fan they will go to any lengths to sniff it out.


If you haven’t yet tried our Premium and Bud Blend you can purchase a bag HERE but please keep it in a safe place to avoid any mischief.


We love to hear your stories and experiences. If you have a story to share on your cats reaction to Mew & Friends Catnip please CONTACT US